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TELEPHONE: 01663 745 119

Who are we?

We are software developers with a focus upon delivering business solutions for the web. We have a long history of developing practical efficient solutions to complex software needs. We put the business process first and design software that supports the way you work.

* we have an established history of delivering bespoke software applications for small to medium sized businesses. Our focus is upon ensuring rapid delivery of simple and effective software solutions that meet the exact needs of an individual business. We minimize the time and effort required by a business whilst ensuring that final applications remain robust and flexible.

* In particular we now focus upon delivering web based software, such that everything works through your web browser. This greatly improves accessibility to software, reduces costs and maintenance/installation issues, whilst remaining fast, robust and secure.

ThoughtWave Technologies Ltd was founded in 1999. Its founder and director is Hugh Cottam. It was previously named Mingulay Technologies Ltd.

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